[Wine] Wine wrapper project useing windows installation disc

jimhackthorn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 27 23:04:37 CDT 2011

i got a idea instead of creating wine from scratch witch is a extremely slow process why not make wine as a utility that pulls all files and binary's needed from a windows in stallion disc and wine could be set up with the wine drive but with actual windows binary's. 

my idea would be that wine just acts as a wrapper that enables the windows code to work in Linux 

if you own your own copy of windows it could be legal. This idea could be better because instead of creating everything from scratch it could be possible that wine pulls all files needed from your own windows disc and set up the same way that it normally is with the wine drive except it would use windows code therefore you would possibly have a 100 percent compatibility rate with all windows software you would have windows under wine.

it could be you add your own windows files and wine just be a tool that sets it up under linux for you. i am not a programmer but am working on learning and i do understand some things but i still don't know enough. I hope a programmer here could bring my idea to fruition  i believe it should be a open source project and a part of wine if this is possible  just a different idea if this could be possible maybe it could be a side project to see if it will work. please give input on what you think about this idea

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