[Wine] Wine wrapper project useing windows installation disc

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Mon Mar 28 05:23:11 CDT 2011

On Sun, 2011-03-27 at 23:04 -0500, jimhackthorn wrote:
> i got a idea instead of creating wine from scratch witch is a
> extremely slow process why not make wine as a utility that pulls all
> files and binary's needed from a windows in stallion disc and wine
> could be set up with the wine drive but with actual windows binary's. 
You've entirely missed the point, which is to avoid the use of Windows,
or parts thereof, as far as possible. That is, after all, why you're
running Linux. I for one have no intention of owning an illegal copy of
Windows or of buying a legal one. 

If I can't run a legally acquired Windows program using Wine or Dosbox
then I'll use use the native Linux equivalent, write my own or go


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