[Wine] linux <-> wine program?

bcw wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 30 05:08:32 CDT 2011

I have a Windows routine that runs under WINE.  Currently it's a console app which receives input, processes, and returns an answer.

I would like it to keep a connection open and read from it when my linux program sends new input, and return the result, and wait for more.

I have the idea of the Windows program opening a 'file' to read from, perhaps a accumulating a character at a time (and sleeping periodically to avoid taking up all the cpu cycles), and when a specific character arrives as a flag processing what has been read, writing results to another 'file', and returning to reading from the input.

How can I do this?  On the linux side, it's a pipe.  Can I read a linux pipe from a WINE program?

Without a Windows server (under WINE), can I read and write to network connections from my Windows program?  What mechanism can do that?

I don't need a GUI at all, and I don't need to do anything more than what the above suggests, and I have no other reason to learn about Windows programming (or time).  It need not be files or pipes, but something that allows a Linux process to sporadically write to where a Windows program running in WINE can read, and the Windows program can write back the results for the linux process to receive.

Some straightforward, linux/windows(WINE) interprocess link that can carry characters back and forth.

Thanks for ideas, search terms, concepts, examples...


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