[Wine] Re: Mass Effect 2 help?

necrosis1193 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 30 20:48:43 CDT 2011

winefan62 wrote:
> Even with wine-1.3.16, this game (like MANY others) will not run properly, you will experience the "crazy mouse/mouse escape window" issue (Bug#6971), making game unplayable. you must build wine yourself from sources, using the Xinput2 patch to get rid of it but I don't know if apple X11 support Xinput2, perhaps Xquartz will support it.
> I hope wine dev will soon commit this patch because this bug affect nearly all recent games. (Assassin's creed games, ME games, Bulletstorm, Crysis games, ect...)
> regards,
> WineFan62

Hmm...well, could you link me to some reputable sites then that have what I need to fix this? I really want to get this running, and if I can get a decent temp job on top of my full-time job, it's getting to the point I almost just want to get a copy of Windows and set up a dual-boot so I can get it done before ME3 comes out, and to avoid this issue in the future, so I really want to get this working as soon as I can.

DanKegel wrote:
> The Ubuntu ppa is going to start bundling wine-hotfix-6971,
> a prepatched version of wine just for games with the mouse
> problem.  That ought to tide us over until the bug is really fixed.

I'm using this in OS X though, will it be an issue that it's not Ubuntu?

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