[Wine] Re: global wine installation

robuntu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 31 04:21:50 CDT 2011

hi oiaohm,
this is bad news in deed.
a windows terminal server is no solution as I will not pay for microsoft anymore. I am "on a mission", as my colleges say,  to really have Linux as the only operating system in our network.

What about creating a /usr/share/drive_c folder, filling it with windows, program files, wintricks, etc. and giving it to root. Than create a .wine folder and a .wine/drive_c folder in the /etc/skel and place some softlinks like ln -s /usr/share/drive_c/windows windows in the /etc/skel/.wine/drive_c
This would mean, a normal user could not install any wine programs, because the windows, program files and others belong to root, but this would be fine for me.
This would reduce the individual size of .wine to a couple of kbytes.
Personal windows data should be stored in drive_c/users anyway so this should work. Tell me if I am wrong with that! 

I know this is a workaround and I will face problems after installing new software, because the users don't know. But here I could change the global gnome menu and add some starters there. 

I just hoped to be able to do so automatically.

How do other admins face this problem?



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