[Wine] Re: wine and wine-preloader segfault when running Evernote 4.2.2

mcq wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 31 08:45:55 CDT 2011


Yes, actually, your response makes me feel better. Thank you. I'm fairly certain my problem with Evernote on Wine is unrelated to the fact that I'm not running the latest point release. Ubuntu users have reported that they are able to run Evernote under earlier versions of Wine. 

Maybe a new Wine release will resolve whatever conflicts are occurring on my Fedora 14 system. Or maybe someone will document the missing piece I need to install to get Wine to work well. Until then, I will take a look at Nevernote. I think I read that it talks to the Evernote host  to manage documents. If that works, maybe Nevernote will be the direction I turn.


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