[Wine] Problem with directsound / Gothic

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Tue Nov 1 09:21:13 CDT 2011

Helmut Pozimski <mailinglist at pozimski.eu> wrote:

> Regarding POL I believe this is free software and the choice which
> software I want to use is up to me.

Yes, but the wine community has quite enough to do supporting wine
itself.  Add-ons like POL (should) have their own support channels.

> It's just a very conveniend frontend to run multiple wine prefixes
> and versions in parallel and manage applikations.

It also installs its own hacks, which may help get some games to
work better, but they can also introduce problems which would not
be seen in a wine-only setup.  That's one of the reasons why POL
problems need to be taken up with the POL folks.

> Of course I also try everything in plain (or vanilla or whatever
> you call it) wine before asking for help.

That is the correct approach.  It may be best when asking here to
ask only about the behavior seen with wine alone, and not to mention
add-ons (with the exception of winetricks, which is well enough
understood here that it may be useful to report what happened with
and without applying winetricks to the prefix).

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