[Wine] C&C Generals Zero:Hour won't start on my 64 bit OS

sgsdxzy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 2 07:11:44 CDT 2011

I am using Archlinux 64bit and playing C&C Generals Zero:Hour. At first, I made
a 32-bit chroot as introduced
and installed wine inside it. Without even any configuration the game run
perfectly (in fact, even more stable and never crash than in Windwos 7 but a
bit slower). Then, I enabled multilib support and tried the 64bit version. The
game won't start and 
err:CoGetClassObject class {***(sorry I can't give it at the moment)} not
I wonder if it's the same with other programs. 
Is 32bit wine better supported?

Someone says that probably 64-bit side is missing some 32-bit compatibility libraries. I installed all the dependence of wine. What lib may I be missing?

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