[Wine] Wine "pausing" applications ?!

Nihilist wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 2 19:44:31 CDT 2011


first of all, thanks for that great program! It made me change from Windows to Linux on
my main pc :)

But since several days I experience a strange behave: The emulated application (all!) pause
for some seconds, and then go on like nothing was wrong. This pausing happens occasionally, 
without any acting by me. 

I run mIRC, Steam and Diablo II at the same time mostly, and tried to exclude one of those,
but it brought me to the same behaviour. It happens just a few seconds after the launch
of one of those 3 Windows applications. 

OS is Debian Wheezy, Kernel 3.0 - 8GB RAM, Dualcore CPU, GFX is Nvidia 450 GTS, 
about 70% free HD space.... and really no idea. It didnt happen the weeks before. Ah
yes, I use the latest wine packages.

Any idea where to look for the pausing problem?

Thanks in advance!

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