[Wine] Re: Question about Wine

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 3 06:23:34 CDT 2011

ruinairas wrote:
> Are there any limits to this program? 

Of course. Did you seriously think the answer could be anything else? If you want to know what the limits are, read the FAQ and start browsing bugzilla and the AppDB.

> Will it in the future be able to run Windows games as if it was being run native? 

It already does that for some games. If you want to know whether the games you want to run fall into that category, check the AppDB. If you're asking whether that will ever be true for all games, the answer is no.

> I use an integrated graphics chipset. I know it's nothing special, but I've noticed blackish graphical errors running various applications like Firefox/Google Chrome/Utorrent with wine.

That sounds like a known bug in the 2.12.0 through 2.15.0 Intel drivers. It was fixed in 2.16.0, so if you're not using that version, upgrade.

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