[Wine] Re: Wine "pausing" applications ?!

Nihilist wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 3 15:55:53 CDT 2011


I was just trying around when I wondered about a 480MB user.reg - for just 3 or 4 programs
that I use regularly?! So, I deleted it, and no more hanging around.

I tried the debugging option, but only the fixme messages were visible. After removing
the user.reg it works fine now, same constellation as in my first post, but no more freezing

Its really only Steam (with its games), mIRC.exe and Diablo II that I run with wine. I have
absolutely no idea how a 480MB user.reg can build up...

Still, the 

fixme:alsa:AudioClient_GetMixFormat Don't know what to do with 10000 channels, pretending there's only 2 channels 

message appears again, as always...


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