[Wine] Wine

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Fri Nov 4 09:39:29 CDT 2011

On 11/04/2011 09:34 AM, kunto wrote:
> hi everybodt !
> I have tried ti install Yahoo Messenger several time, but all the time, this message appears: GLJ6fa0.tmp has not installed. what shall i do. I really need to install Yahoo Messenger. PS: Am using Ubuntu 11.04
> Thanks !

The easiest solution is to use a native linux program such as Pidgin 
which can connect to several messenger systems. You would install Pidgin 
(or a similar program), add an account to it for whatever messenger 
service(s) you needed, and it will connect to them for you. The people 
on the other end do not see any difference, to them it works the same as 
if you were using the specific client for that messenger service.

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