[Wine] Re: X11 help on OS X 10.6

jwong wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 5 14:30:24 CDT 2011

I have not tried xquartz.app. Is there such a thing? See below.

I don't have ~/ .xinitrc. The stock xinitrc in /usr/X11 is telling to start the 3 xterms and xclock. My other computer which does not have the problem has the same xinitrc. What this means is there is some other setup file instructing X11 to not use xinitrc.

The only thing I installed was wine , wineskin and the freetype library. I suspect one of these changed a setting somewhere. When I start x11.app and then check 'About X11' it says I am using xquartz 2.3.6. This is what the system came with.

I tried another user account and the same problem was there.

Starting 'terminal' looks fine.

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