[Wine] Re: Amnesia - The Decent running very choppy

Creddeus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 8 19:26:57 CST 2011

Yeah. It runs fine on Windows.

I suppose it could be that my graphics driver isn't configured correctly. When my friend was helping me try to get it working he ran into the problem that the driver we got from NVIDIA's website was installed but I guess it wasn't being used. I think he fixed that but I'm not sure. He said it probably had to do with hardware acceleration or something with 3D rendering or 3D support or something.

Also, if I could get the Linux version I would totally go for it but I don't really have the money to buy another copy of the game. That's why I'm trying to run it on Wine. In the mean time though, I'll download the demo and try it out.

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