[Wine] Prepare > Properties in Office 2007 causes WINE to freeze

Fitzcarraldo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 9 20:09:02 CST 2011

I'm using 64-bit (multilib) Gentoo/Sabayon Linux with the Portage source package manager only:

# uname -a
Linux meshedgedx 3.1.0-sabayon #1 SMP Tue Nov 8 01:01:54 GMT 2011 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I used the Portage package manager to install 64-bit WINE with both win32 and win64 support:

# eix -I app-emulation/wine
[I] app-emulation/wine
     Available versions:  1.2!t 1.2.1!t 1.2.2!t 1.2.3!t (~)1.3.0!t (~)1.3.1!t (~)1.3.2!t (~)1.3.3!t (~)1.3.4!t (~)1.3.5!t (~)1.3.6!t (~)1.3.7!t (~)1.3.8!t (~)1.3.9!t (~)1.3.10!t (~)1.3.11!t (~)1.3.12!t (~)1.3.13!t (~)1.3.14!t (~)1.3.15!t (~)1.3.16!t (~)1.3.17!t (~)1.3.18!t (~)1.3.19!t (~)1.3.20!t (~)1.3.21!t (~)1.3.22!t (~)1.3.23!t (~)1.3.24!t (~)1.3.25!t (~)1.3.26!t (~)1.3.27!t [m](~)1.3.28!t [m](~)1.3.29!t [m](~)1.3.30!t [m](~)1.3.31!t [m](~)1.3.32!t [m]**9999!t {+X alsa capi cups custom-cflags dbus esd fontconfig +gecko gnutls gphoto2 gsm gstreamer hardened jack jpeg lcms ldap mousewarp mp3 nas ncurses nls openal opencl +opengl +oss +perl png pulseaudio samba scanner ssl test +threads +truetype v4l +win32 (+)win64 xcomposite xinerama xml}                                                                                                                                                               
     Installed versions:  1.3.27!t(01:27:56 10/11/11)(X alsa cups dbus gecko gnutls gphoto2 gsm jpeg lcms ldap mp3 ncurses nls openal opengl perl png scanner ssl threads truetype v4l win32 win64 xinerama xml -capi -custom-cflags -fontconfig -gstreamer -hardened -opencl -oss -samba -test -xcomposite)
     Homepage:            http://www.winehq.org/
     Description:         free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix

I use Office 2007 with WINE. The precise commands I used to install Office 2007 are given in the blog post:


With WINE Version 1.3.27 installed, in any Office 2007 application I can select Office Button > Prepare > Properties, and a yellow bar appears below the Office 2007 Ribbon Menu. At the left side of that bar is a blue disc with an "i" in it. To the right of that is a down-pointing arrowhead which I can click on and select 'Advanced Properties...' to view and edit the document's properties.

However, if I install WINE Version 1.3.28 or above (the latest version currently in the Gentoo Portage package manager's ebuild repository is 1.3.32) then when I select Office Button > Prepare > Properties, the yellow bar appears under the Ribbon Menu but the Office 2007 application freezes and the mouse pointer remains as the 'Busy' pointer.

Does anyone else experience this problem accessing a document's properties from within an Office 2007 application? Is there a way to stop WINE hanging/freezing?

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