[Wine] Re: "cmd.exe /c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned empty string

DanKegel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 10 23:13:21 CST 2011

dE_logics wrote:
> WINEARCH="win32" WINE='/home/de/media_writeit!/FOSS/additional packages/Wine prefixes/Works with wine 1.3.32/wine-1.3.32' WINEPREFIX='/home/de/media_writeit!/temp(others)/walkthrough' ./winetricks
> returns 
> /home/de/media_writeit!/FOSS/additional packages/Wine prefixes/Works with wine 1.3.32/wine-1.3.32 cmd.exe /c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned empty string

I seem to recall hearing that the "returned empty string" symptom happens when running 32 bit wine on a 64 bit system, and was caused by a missing wine.inf entry for wow64.
Or something like that.  I haven't had time to investigate since I heard that.

> Also in the winetricks wiki it has not been explained properly how to point out to a seperate wine install.
> I tried exporting all the WINE, WINEPREFIX and WINEARCH variables, but it doesn't workout.

WINE is how you tell winetricks which wine to run.

WINEPREFIX is how you tell wine (and winetricks) where the fake C drive and
registry live.

Do you really have two versions of wine?   What program are you trying to install?

(Dimesio: The ./ in front of winetricks is for when you've downloaded winetricks yourself
and not installed it, but have marked it executable.
If you haven't marked it executable, you have to use 'sh winetricks'.
If you use the winetricks installed by your distro, you don't want the ./ or the sh.
This is all about how the shell searches for commands in the directories 
listed in the PATH environment variable.)

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