[Wine] Re: Riven prison elevator buttons inoperative

CharlieB wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 11 17:49:03 CST 2011

lahmbi5678 wrote:
> are you by coincidence using a notebook with/without USB mouse?

Well, actually I am using a desktop computer. I used to have 2 mice connected but have removed one about 2 weeks before running Riven. Could something be set wrong in X?
However, the mouse works fine for every other app except running Win 95 on qemu. The mouse is very sluggish and sometimes misses clicks. That was the reason I removed the 2nd mouse thinking it was the problem but it didn’t help. The mouse works fine with Win 3.1 on qemu, go figure.
By the way Riven is not playable for me on qemu. The sound is very choppy unfortunately.

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