[Wine] Re: SWOTR - Nov.11/2011 Beta results

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 12 20:00:04 CST 2011

txclimbr wrote:
> I have been trying to get the SW:TOR loader to function in wine 1.3, on linux mint 9 most of the day it loads into wine just fine, but everytime i mouse over the SW:TOR loader it disappears. I have had WoW running in wine years ago.
> In winecfg i have the graphics settings as follows:
>  Automatically capture mouse - checked
>  Allow the window manager to decorate the windows - checked
>  Allow the window manager to control the windows - checked
> These are just the settings they are on currently i have tried all combinations of configurations with these settings.
> Direct 3d vertex shader support is using Hardware
> Allow Pixel SHader is checked..
> Also i went through and loaded Directx9 in wine in an attempt to get the SW:TOR loader stable as well.
> Im pretty much about to give up on this as i have my windows laptop downloading the beta tester now, but i would much rather play this on my desktop.
> Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
> Thanks :)

your running into the known bug with cursors...
This is all documented in the AppDB entry if you read it...

here is the bug though, the attached patch in it fixes the problem

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