[Wine] Re: No sound in World of Warcraft - intermittant.

jjmckenzie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 14 20:26:33 CST 2011

JontomXire wrote:
> I'm running Mangler which is native to Linux, not under Wine.
> I don't have a USB headset. And anyway it should not be necessary to do this kind of stuff. I don't have to buy new hardware when I already have perfectly good hardware to get stuff to work in Windows, so why do I have to do it in Linux?

Two reasons: One, Windows allows things that any Linux variant does not.  This has been true for many years (I started with Slack before 1.0 and other non-Microsoft operating systems and have found this to be very, very true.)  Windows allows 'sharing' of hardware devices (and originally it did not do so) whereas Linux and UNIXs do not. 
Two, Linux and UNIX are 'harder' on hardware.  It may take more to get a certain program to run that is only available in a Windows version by using either Wine or a Virtualizer than just straight up Windows.

The solution continues to be a Linux variation of our favorite programs or a suitable substitute. For some programs, the Linux variant exists or can exist.  More programs, more Linux, more programs and so on.


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