[Wine] Borland C++ Builder TForm->Show() problem

Navadvipa Chandra das wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 15 03:07:06 CST 2011

Hello, all!

My program is written on Borland C Builder 6 
Not properly method TForm-> Show () works; 
And on operational system Ubunto 10.10 it works properly, and already in Ubuntu 11.10 method TForm-> Show () works not properly.
Elements of a window receive focus of input from the keyboard, and the window remains not active!
The heading of a window and is not painted in color of an active window and if the window has been curtailed (minimize) TForm-> WindowState = wsNormal and TForm-> Show () the window at all cannot show - it remains invisible and inaccessible.
I send an example. I have costs Wine 1.3.32, Ubuntu 11.10. If Form-> Visible == false Form-> Show () work properly, If Form-> Visible == true, but Form-> Active == false - Form-> Show () work not properly. An output - use TForm-> Hide () and TForm-> Show () (Chek Box ' Alternate ' in an example).

 Also not properly works variations the sizes of a window by means of the mouse when there are restrictions, for example TForm-> Constraints. MaxHeight, TForm-> Constraints. MaxWidth or TForm-> BorderStyle = bsSingle (a window with the unchangeable size).

 Also there are problems with a modal window (TForm-> ShowModal ()). 

 Please, inform it to developers for correction of a mistake. 


Thank you very much.

With best wishes Navadvipa Chandra das.

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