[Wine] UXTheme and Vista Styles potential problem

kramlat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 15 04:00:14 CST 2011

Sure I know vista styles tend to use png images, but I seem to have noticed a potential problem.  Unless wine has its own window manager, styles like Windows Aero may look very strange in wine.  Reason: Aero is intended to be a unified look and imagine a partial glass look with metacity chopping off part of the theme.  Also, how would we know were to start drawing in the aero image resource if we do not have a winewm to use it?  I think a winewm needs to be worked on and I would be willing to work on it if needed.  That would send desktop integration leaps and bounds forward because you can tell environments like kde, gnome, and xfce to use it.

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