[Wine] Copy/transfer/download Blu-ray/DVD Digital Copy to Computer

Jeancol wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 17 01:03:40 CST 2011

How to copy/transfer/download Blu-ray/DVD Digital Copy to Computer? 

What is a Digital Copy? 
A Digital Copy is an extra copy of the movie you bought on Blu-ray?/DVD disc that enables you to download or stream your movie to a computer, mobile device, or Internet-connected TV, Blu-ray? player or set top box. If your Blu-ray? Disc or DVD has the "Digital Copy" logo on the back it will have either a Digital Copy disc inside of the box or a link to a Digital Copy web site. Follow the instructions on the insert inside of your box to redeem your Digital Copy using the disc or the web site. 

How to copy your Blu-ray/DVD digital copy onto your PC or laptop? 
Either go to the web site specified on the Digital Copy insert inside of your Blu-ray? Disc/DVD's packaging or insert the Digital Copy disc into your computer's DVD drive. Insert your redemption code. Download or stream your Digital Copy. The following is a short guide transferring movies from Digital Copy disc to computer. 

1. Insert the Digital Copy disc into your computer's DVD drive. 
2. Wait for the DVD icon to appear on your computer. Do double-click and it will take you to the digital copy interface. Here's a thumbnail from Digital Copy X-MEN FIRST CLASS. 

3. Decide whether to transfer Digital Copy to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Note that it requires iTunes 9 or Windows Media? Player 11 and later version to download digital copy movies to PC. Here I choose Windows Media Player. 

4. Put in the unique Digital Copy redemption/registration code, which you will find on an insert inside of your Blu-ray?/DVD packaging. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the Digital Copy code to be verified. 

5. Choose source movie and target folder to transfer Digital Copy to. Then start syncing movies from Digital Copy to computer. 

It usually takes less than 5 minutes to download a Digital Copy movie to hard drive. 

After Digital Copy transfer completed, the movie can be played instantly with Windows Media Player. 


The iTunes video files appear to be the same as those sold in the iTunes Store. They are authorized through the iTunes program. Authorization involves associating the license for a Digital Copy with your iTunes Store account. Once authorized you can copy the M4V file to any computer associated with that account, and not surprisingly, the iTunes files can be played in iTunes or transferred to an iPod or Apple TV box. The Windows Media files can be played or transferred to a portable device using Windows Media Player 11. 

The Digital Copy, however, will not play on unauthorized devices due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection. Unfortunately the Android devices have not get a license to play DRM contents, which means Digital Copy movies will not even play on an Android tablet or smartphone. It does allow streaming anyway. This means you can stream Digital Copy to an Android device or PS3. Finally, if you really need to put Digital Copy to Android device for personal use, the DRM remover ChewTune will make free digital copy out of DRM-protected contents. Refer to a detailed guide here.

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