[Wine] No sound in World of Warcraft - intermittant.

MacNean Tyrrell dardack at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:48:07 CST 2011

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 9:58 AM, JontomXire <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> Hello again, Dardack.
> What is this "alsa duplex that Pulse ran through" and how do I set it up? What packages do I need to install?


Don't do all of that.  I had special circumstances with Pulse.  Some
people reported that sound worked up to the line:

then in terminal:
WINEPREFIX="your prefix path here" regedit alsareg.reg

Open winecfg go to audio tab and make sure Alsa is checked and
Emulation is selected.

Stop there.  Don't compile Pulse.

But again if you really want, you can drop back to 1.3.24 and compile
wine-pulse patch (Yes I know it's not officially supported or
supported by wine and can't ask questions about it here on the mailing
list).  1.3.24 worked very well with WoW and the wine-pulse patch
allowed perfect sound with pulse.

> As for same performance in WoW on both Linux and Windows, I remember you saying that before, but since I have (AFAIK) followed the exact same steps as you, I don't know why I get such a massive discrepancy. It's bad enough that WoW doesn't even allow the best graphics levels with OpenGL, the frame rate sucks even at lowest settings. On Windows with a 32 bit incorrect OS I get better frame rate at better settings.

Don't know.  I make sure all my hardware is 100% supported in Linux
before purchasing anything.  I dual boot on that laptop and like I
said with same settings get 5-10 fps more in Linux.

It's not wow's Fault.  OpenGL is limited in that area.  I mean I know
they are putting those things in later versions, but I think MS
backported some of that stuff to DX 9 (like the sunshafts?) but you
can't even max some of thsoe things in DX9 cause they aren't supported
in 9.  You can only max everything if you use DX11 IIRC.

> The only reason I can think of  is that you are using such massively over-specced graphics cards that they have processing power to spare in both Linux and under Windows. As my graphics cards are slightly under-spec, certainly for the highest levels of quality for graphics, they cope ok with medium quality levels of graphics under Windows and struggle even at the lowest levels under Linux. I suspect you are, as it were, over the graphics cap for both Windows and Linux.

I'ts only GTX 260m.  It's not overly specced.  With SWTOR doubt in win
it will play anywhere near max.

> As stated in another thread, it's cheaper to spend £80 on Windows and get a big boost in graphics performance than to spend several hundreds of pounds on new graphics cards.

OK that's your choice.  I use Linux mainly for
programming/server/MythTV purposes.  My gaming rig is straight up Win
7 64 bit.  However, I dual boot on my laptop because I travel for
work/personal reasons.  If I'm just going to play WoW I never boot
into windows.  But with SWTOR since it's not running in Linux right
now, and I don't want to spend time figuring it out, I would boot into
windows for that.  (Haven't installed the beta on my laptop.  May this
coming up beta stress test since I'm traveling to see my sis).

> If you can think of any reason why my graphics performance is so bad, I'd love to hear it. My setup is:
> Kubuntu 10.04 LTS
> Running WoW under OpenGL.
> No registry edits that I can think of ( I believe I took them all out when they made no difference).
> Proprietary NVidia drivers.

What driver NV version you using?

I can't think of anything I haven't said before.  I thought you went
to windows anyways (from a previous post).  I mean you're looking to
run things on linux that weren't developed natively to run on Linux.
I don't agree with some of the things you said, but it's not bad to
run Windows in any sense.  Some people refuse to, but many use both if
not all 3 main OS's (Mac/linux/windows).  Me personally, as with
having kids/less time, I find that because I just want to play games
when i have time, I play on Windows more then I ever did in my
teens/20's/early 30's.  That doesn't mean I don't like linux and what
it can do.  My linux server, mythtv server, mythtv frontend have been
running for over 2 years without interuption, where my Windows machine
can't do that.  Even in 7 after a few days to a couple weeks it needs
to reboot or it even has blue screened a couple times.

It's 1 reason I support Humble Bundle so much, because all games work
on every platform.  The more games that run natively on linux, the
better for linux as a whole.  But expecting same exact performance
from windows to linux is not something I expect.  I was suprised I got
the performance in Linux in WoW.  But Blizz has always worked with
CodeWeavers (like when a ton of users were banned because their anti
cheat thing tagged it as a bot or something, and even had a beta Linux
Client back in the day) and WoW has a native OpenGL setting.  Past
that any other game I get less performance, but it's not that big of a
deal most of the time.  Normally I only loose 10% if not less when
comparing Win/Linux.  I've played SC2/and many games I purchased on

Anyways this post was way longer then I meant.

> I believe I am running the latest version of Wine from a custom repository, not the distribution's repository. I looked into building it myself, but had dependency issues and also there didn't seem tobe much point.

I always self compile.  But that's just me.  Even if I'm not patching
Wine.  Now I'm assuming that Kubuntu uses the same apt-get.  Just sudo
apt-get build-dep wine1.3

You'll have to enable the wine PPA for 1.3.  Otherwise Ubuntu only has
1.2 dependencies so you'll be missing some, but the 2-3 missing aren't
a big deal.  I think one is OpenAL and one is Gstreamer Plugin.  I
never had issue not having those resolved.



MacNean C. Tyrrell

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