[Wine] Re: UXTheme and Vista Styles potential problem

kramlat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 17 11:16:45 CST 2011

Fred2 wrote:
> Vista&7 use a different msstyles format that is not supported. I think transparency shouldn't be a problem,
> a) because Vista/7 themes themselves contain an opaque version (the bright blue one) + the transparent version can be set to opacity 100%.
> b) Even now Wine does not draw window frames and titles when you use a XP theme. Drawing window frames is a job of the default window manager and not Wine (not yet to speak of inconsistent behaviour for shortcuts, window buttons etc.)
> Normally Windows themes don't contain transparent elements inside of the window frames (many pngs, but they don't let the desktop penetrate). Nevertheless proper RGBA and compositing support would be good. I also agree that it's time to increase support for current Windows and Vista&7 themes because they are now around for so long and Microsoft advances so fast.

Actually, it is not the transparency that I worry about.  RGBA profiles or xshape support would actually fix ugly GUI artifacts in non-rectangular window frames.  I was thinking more about the fact that the Windows Aero theme is actually a kind of unified look just as the brushed metal mac look is and one would have to have the window manager draw the titlebar of the wine window itself for things to look right.

On another note: if the theme engine can hook into other GUI toolkits externally as well (such as cocoa, qt, and gtk+), that too would be good because you could make wine apps seamlessly blend in with those on your desktop.

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