[Wine] Re: Remove IE8 from wine

nameuser wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 18 13:32:42 CST 2011

I do not know how I use wine as root and how do not use it as root.
Here everything happens automatically! And I have wery short experience (and obviously knowledge) with linux.

@jjmckenzie, I noted some incorrect decodings regarding my code page in IE7 and higher so I need IE6. Actually, I don't need a internet browser as internet browser (there are many choices) but system components of IE6 because program which I need uses this. Also I need javascript support with this.
So I would like IE6.

Linux 11.10 Oneiric 64bit, wine 1.3.32.
Regarding all I search for most simplest solution to get this to work.

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