[Wine] Re: Remove IE8 from wine

nameuser wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 18 15:38:56 CST 2011

James, I dont yet create any users but install process makes one for me.

DanKegel, I found now what I donned.
Yes, I have shortcut to two terminals.
One which want password to start and one which not.
I uses those one (with password) because I can edit, copy, delete and so system files and folders (including winetricks). Now I know that this makes me root!

> root at name-think:/usr/bin# whoami
> root
> root at name-think:/usr/bin# who am i
> root     pts/1        2011-11-18 12:44 (:0.0)

With normal terminal

> name at name-think:~$ whoami
> name
> name at name-think:~$ who am i
> name     pts/2        2011-11-18 22:21 (:0.0)

Obviously, I have to use those second to run winetricks?
But if i start winetricks ie6 he want to download again. Is this normal?
I belive that IE6 is not installed because I can't see them anywhere on c drive and my software offers me "wine internet explorer" which is reported as IE8 in software's menu.

What to do now?

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