[Wine] Re: Socket Error # 11001

Branta wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 19 14:02:51 CST 2011

Roots Magic Essentials (RME) has  many core features found in Roots Magic.  I am sure it will include access to https://new.familysearch.org (NFS) because that is one of it's significant features.

>From RME you go to to NFS when you click on the TREE icon while browsing the DB.  When you do so you will be required to enter a UI and PW.  That is where the socket error occurs.

I can find no place where you can go to NFS on the menu items.

Support answers the phone only Monday through Friday.  I will ask and tell you after I talk with them on Monday.

I believe difficulty is at NFS.  It is when I am going to them that I get the error.  RM functions in every way . . . it is NFS that the socket error occurs.

Any ideas?


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