[Wine] No sound in World of Warcraft - intermittant.

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Sun Nov 20 07:42:35 CST 2011

On 11/20/2011 08:02 AM, JontomXire wrote:
> Anyway, if I do get a new graphics card, I would appreciate your opinion on what is likely to give me as good performance on Linux as on Windows

It will be a long time, if ever, for the two to perform the same. Any 
game that uses dx10 or 11 will be missing any features or options that 
require them when playing in Linux because they are not yet supported.

If the bar you have set for games is to play the same as windows, then 
you may be happier in windows for many games. If you are okay with games 
being playable and stable but missing some graphics and are willing to 
track down and deal with problems as wine functionality changes, stick 
with an nvidia card since their linux drivers are still a bit more 
functional than AMDs. My last card purchase I got an nvidia 460 - enough 
card to work well with the rest of my hardware and still be able to do 
dx10 and 11 if/when wine has that option and (at least in my area), a 
budget price card.

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