[Wine] Gothic 3 - problem with start menu

Hartmut Figge h.figge at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 14:10:59 CST 2011


once there was a time when Gothic 3 ran poorly on wine but had no
difficulties with displaying the start menu. Now, with a fresh ~/.wine,
the trailers behave nicely but when it comes to the start menu, it is
not displayed.

A significant error line regarding this is:

fixme:d3dx:ID3DXFontImpl_DrawTextW (0x394fd18)->(0x39ce150, L"Neues
Spiel", -1, 0x32e078, 5, 0xff000000): stub

Looks as if copying a special d3dx-dll from WinXP could perhaps fix
this. Which one? ;)

This happens on wine-1.3.32 and was so for a couple of versions back.
Perhaps wine-1.3.33 would help, but i doubt it and this version is not
yet available on Gentoo.

I could provide a full log taken with 2>&1 | tee g3_log.txt if that
would be helpful. At the end of that file there is a loop in which
displaying the start menu is tried over and over again. Two times of
that loop should be enough and i have cut out the remainder.

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