[Wine] Geek To Live: Build Your PC “On a Stick” With Prayaya V3

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You're headed to your buddy's house and you want to play some World of Warcraft or watch a downloaded movie while you're there. You don't have to drag along your entire laptop to do so. Set up your "PC on a stick" with portable software Prayaya V3, a standalone Windows installation that runs directly from a flash drive or iPod.

Plug in your V3-enabled portable drive into your buddy's PC, launch Windows from it, and use any application or document directly from the drive, no footprint left behind on the host PC. Great for anyone who works on several PC's on a regular basis - or who just wants to separate certain apps and documents from a computer they use – Prayaya V3 is a convenient, portable Windows virtual machine.

Uses for Prayaya V3
Your "PC on a stick" lets you do all sorts of things, like:
* Listen to your music library, watch videos and download podcasts from any PC with iTunes installed on your Prayaya V3 (along the lines of Adam's self-sustaining iPod, but using full-on iTunes.)
* Watch downloaded video like movies or TV shows with your media player of choice from any PC on your V3.
* Play PC games like World of Warcraft, Everquest or Half-Life from any PC and take the game and its current state with you.
* Use expensive PC software you have limited licenses for, like Microsoft Office or Photoshop, from any computer.
* Surf with your preferred browser, store your passwords and other sensitive data separate from an untrusted host PC.
* Backup working copies of your essential software so that if your computer crashes or hard drive fails, you can plug your MojoPac into another PC and have a working environment ready to go.

Sound good? Let's get it running.
Install Prayaya V3
To get Prayaya V3 set up, you'll need:
* A USB flash drive or disk-mode enabled iPod
* A Windows XP PC where you can log on as an administrator
* The Prayaya V3 software - Windows only, $49.00 a license, free 30-day/200 boot trial download available.

Here's how to install Prayaya V3.


1). Prepare your portable drive. Download the file of Prayaya V3. Unzip the file which you downloaded and run the *exe file. There are three languages to choose: English, Chinese(Simplified), Chiese(Traditional).

2). Choose "English", click "OK" to begin the installation.
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100513/1_100513110331_1.jpg ]
It will display the version of V3 and other information. Click "Next" to continue.

3). The V3 License Agreement.
 [Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2350539132.jpg ]
Select "I agree" then click "Next" to continue installation.

4). Select a destination to install V3.
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2350533963.jpg ]
For example, you can select your D: local disk, then click "Next" to go on installing.
Note: We do not suggest you directly install Prayaya V3 to your removable disk. If it do not show any disk on the list, please visit this page for help: Do not show disk in the install destination list

5). Here you can select if you wanna create a shortcut in desktop or create a shortcut in Start Menu. Then click "Next". The screenshot is as follow:
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2350537774.jpg ] 

6). Wait for the process of V3 installing.
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2350533485.jpg ]  
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2357597872.jpg ]

7). After Prayaya V3 is installed, there are some files which are just installed in the destination disk, such as "PrayayaV3" and a "StartV3" exe file.
[Image: http://en.prayaya.com/uploads/allimg/100511/1_2357598671.jpg ]

8). Double click "StartV3" to run Prayaya V3.

Now the installation is done and you could enjoy the great portable experience brought by Prayaya V3.

Why Choose Prayaya V3. 
1. Prayaya V3 lets you take your PC information anywhere.
Prayaya V3 enables you to take your entire PC contnts including wallpapers, bookmarks, settings, applications, games in a USB drive so that you can have access to them on any PC by connecting a USB device to it.

2. Prayaya V3 makes almost any app portable
Nearly all apps including MS Office suite, Firefox, MSN, Virtual DJ, VLC Players etc. can be directly installed and run on a Prayaya V3 enabled USB drive without any modification or any additional plug-in.

3. Prayaya V3 frees you from heavy laptops
You just need a USB drive to take your entire PC along with you. You can use it to gain instant access to your computer whether you are on a holiday or on a business travel.

4. Prayaya V3 protects your data and privacy
Under Prayaya V3 virtual environment, your most worried privacy and personal information problem on a public computer will be a past tense. Not a single trace of your data, your browsing history etc. will be left on the host computer once you disconnect a USB device from the host computer. 

5. Play and share the latest hot games on a USB drive with Prayaya V3. 
You can easily install the latest games on a Prayaya V3 enabled USB drive so that you can not only play it on any PC at any time but also easily show and share the latest cool games with your friends. 

Free download link of Prayaya V3: http://en.prayaya.com/download/prayayav3.zip

Visit http://en.prayaya.com/index.html to get more information.

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