[Wine] proxy server connection broken

mrmedia wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 22 00:07:05 CST 2011

It seems that wine broke the ability to connect to a proxy server.
Has anyone else noticed this?

i.e. after establishing a proxy connection on my linux platform to another server ...... ' ssh  -o "ServerAliveInterval 60"   -D portnumber user at ipaddress' 
I used to and ought to be able to connect whilst running metatrader4  
Tools -> options -> enable proxy server ->   "localhost:portnumber"

But is currently broken.  I thought it may have been the build of metatrader4, but seems more likely that it is wine.  

i.e. after upgrading wine, i found because of some changes that I could not run metatrader4.  screens missing and perhaps a font issue too. 
It was easy enough to create a new bottle for the latest wine version and not install corefonts and just install mfc42.dll.  

I am running wine-1.3.32 but perhaps the proxy connection stopped working around about wine-1.3.28 ????

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