[Wine] Gothic 3 - problem with start menu

Hartmut Figge h.figge at gmx.de
Tue Nov 22 05:50:43 CST 2011

> Hartmut Figge wrote:

>> Hartmut Figge: After replacing the d3dx9_36.dll nothing seems to
>> have changed. [...]

> As your log shows, wine still uses the builtin d3dx9_36.dll.

For those who are interested: i am on the way to migrate from i686 to
x86_64. 'inch by inch, step by step, mile by mile' (borrowed from
cabaret). Not arrived yet and there are some differences to consider.

Regarding wine, there are now additional directories 'Program Files
(x86)' and 'windows/syswow64'. I had put d3dx9_36.dll into
windows/system32 and wintetricks has decided to use 'windows/syswow64'

>And your setup mostly won't work for dlls which wine ships.

I am a little bit curious what would have happened if i replaced the
.dll in syswow64 instead of system32.

>You forgot to set the dll to native in winecfg (Tab: Libraries) or on
>the command line (e.g. WINEDLLOVERRIDES=d3dx9_36=n , see 

Overriding was not necessary in the past. Copying DLLs just worked. If
necessary in this case, hm.

>If you don't know how, you might use winetricks to install
>d3dx9_36.dll, which does the steps needed for you.

That's surely the way to go for me in the future. :)

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