[Wine] Re: WINE status page update?

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 23 11:48:23 CST 2011

I'd second that. It would be nice to know how much compatibility wine actually has in terms of percentage of implemented functions in all the dlls etc. Though I'm a bit afraid, that it's too much work and the devs might have more important work to do, as there probably will be a stable 1.4 release in the next months. 

Once we are at it: As I'd already proposed, for 1.6 (the next stable release) there should be some quality criterion that almost every userland app designed for Windows XP and before (maybe limited to .NET 3.5 and before) should run flawlessly out of the box (userland means no 16bit, no drivers, no hardware/system related stuff like defragmentation tools, no copy protection etc). On the one hand wine is striving to support the newest Offices, IEs etc, which is of course important, but on the other hand I think, wine needs to arrive at what I'd call a "rock solid base". In 2014 Windows XP will run out of support, but many people will still be using XP and apps designed for it. Any thoughts, pros and cons?

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