[Wine] SOLVED Re: SWTOR install 'xml configuration corrupt'

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Fri Nov 25 15:29:25 CST 2011

I do not understand how this gave me that error message, unless the xml 
config beign missing counted as a corruption, but the problem was that 
.rar files were not being automatically extracted even with the program 
installed to do so.


navigate to .wine/drive_c/users/Temp/InstallSWTOR/

manually 'extract here including subfolders' the four .rar files 
(swtor0.rar swtor.rar swtor1.rar swtor2.rar) into that folder

once those folders are extracted run the setup.exe from that same 
directory (Temp/InstallSWTOR/)

after that the launcher works - connects, allows log in, downloads and 

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