[Wine] Re: SWTOR requires 30Gb, wine has only 20 Gb. Allocate memory+?

darKoram wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 25 22:51:43 CST 2011

Thanks james,


kesten at kesten-K42Jr:~$ ps -ef | grep wine
kesten    2421     1 11 20:31 ?        00:15:38 /usr/bin/wineserver
kesten    2432  2430  0 20:31 ?        00:00:00 C:\windows\system32\winedevice.exe MountMgr                                      
kesten    4731  4283  0 22:42 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto wine

yup, processes still running.  wineserver -k fixed that.

> What did you use to attempt this?  There are several 'safe' programs
> for 'shrinking' NTFS partitions.  Some versions of Linux come with one
> or two of them.  Backing up your data is always recommended before
> using any of them.

I used gparted, and yeah, i've been backing up stuff for a week.  I've needed to expand my linux part for a while as i do a lot of dev work on it.  Unfortunately gparted stalled while shrinking the d: drive (several hours) and i was sure a shrink shouldn't take that long, so i aborded.  The data is still in tact, but gparted won't let me attempt resizing until the ntfs is fixed by a windows program, which i currently don't have.  Hence the wine.

Speaking of which...


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