[Wine] Re: SWTOR requires 30Gb, wine has only 20 Gb. Allocate memory+?

darKoram wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 26 21:25:51 CST 2011

I do have both wine and winetricks installed.
I suppose by associating a file with winetricks i can make it run with that instead of wine, or run from command line.

I found iexplorer.exe in ProgramFiles in the .wine folder, so I guess it was there already.  I don't know how to determine the version - the explorer help menu just says iexplorer.  But perhaps that wasn't the problem.

I also found the readme for swtor.  It says...


OS:     Windows 7

        Windows Vista with SP2

  Windows XP with service pack 2

Does wine or winetricks emulate all versions of windows and service packs, or do i have to specify and/or get crafty?


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