[Wine] Re: SWTOR requires 30Gb, wine has only 20 Gb. Allocate memory+?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 26 21:39:49 CST 2011

darKoram wrote:
> I do have both wine and winetricks installed.
> I suppose by associating a file with winetricks i can make it run with that instead of wine, or run from command line.

Winetricks is a script to install some commonly-needed native dlls and a handful of Windows apps. You can't simply "associate" files with it or use it instead of Wine. (It uses Wine.)

> I found iexplorer.exe in ProgramFiles in the .wine folder, so I guess it was there already.  

That's Wine's builtin iexplore. It is not real IE. Use winetricks to install IE7 or IE8.

> Does wine or winetricks emulate all versions of windows and service packs, or do i have to specify and/or get crafty?

Wine emulates Windows XP SP3 by default, and that setting works for most apps. You can change it to any version of Windows in winecfg, but shouldn't unless it's necessary.

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