[Wine] Re: No sound in wine, no matter if pulseuaio is used or not

Sinel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Nov 28 15:47:52 CST 2011

More information for those who can know why it is so.

When I set in winecfg Outpud Device to HDA Intel - CONEXANT Analog sound works if i have only one Windows program that uses sound. 

Second program that try to use sound (also if i wil run Test sound in winecfg while other Windows program uses sound) crashes. I've found out that also if there is some film or music runned on website (flash) in native linux web browser problem is the same.

But, I can set this Intel Output Device in winecfg, run the program (for example game) - sound in it works good. Then, if i want to run second wine program i can (with the first one still working) change Output Device to default in winecfg and run the second program. I will have the sound only in first program, but the second don't crash. 

So it's a little success, but must spend some time to play with it.

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