[Wine] Which Distro to Use?

Helmut Pozimski mailinglist at pozimski.eu
Tue Nov 29 13:17:00 CST 2011

Am 29.11.2011 06:00, schrieb Fred_E_Krugar:
> So is pulse embeded into gnome now? I was thinking on using KDE but I 
>think pulse has spread into it as well( correct me if I am wrong),
Nope KDE runs just fine with just ALSA. KDE (at least version 3.x)
earlier had a sound server called arts which got replaced by phonon in
KDE4 which is just a tiny layer able to use different backends.

Personally, as a distribution I would clearly recommend Debian. But this
is a matter of taste and there is not one single solution for everyone I

Kind Regards

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