[Wine] Re: Running bash script from batch file

cpicds wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 30 05:00:47 CST 2011

vitamin wrote:
> cpicds wrote:
> > The shell script simply converts the file names from DOS to Linux
> See http://wiki.winehq.org/winepath

The shell script does that correctly. However, Wine is not running the shell script and simply reporting "File not found" - although it has already successfully found the file in the "if exists" statement.

For reference, the shell script is:


echo "javacrc.sh"
# Translates uVision file specification from Windows to Unix and
# executes Java command with translated names. Realpath is used
# because Java appears not to like the winepath output.
JARFILE="$(winepath "$2")"
HEXFILE="$(winepath "$4")"
JARFILE="$(realpath "$JARFILE")"
HEXFILE="$(realpath "$HEXFILE")"
java $1 "$JARFILE" $3 "$HEXFILE"
# Convert line ends to MS-DOS format (requires tofrodos package)
todos -u "$HEXFILE"

The echo statement output does not appear.

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