[Wine] Using Wine across distros with symlink

BobTheBull wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 30 19:29:57 CST 2011

I have set up the configurations and profiles for some of my programs so that I can use them across distros, and easily configure new installations with all my old settings.

For instance, if I use Firefox in Fedora, add some bookmarks, then go to suse or Mandriva the new bookmarks  are there, as is history, etc. Same for Thunderbird.

To do this I copy the relevant folder from /home/user to my data drive, /data1/user, then symlink the data1 drive. Make symlinks in each distro and you get the above results. Note this does not work with everything, but where it does it's great. Same for new installs; after install just set up the symlinks. I save all the symlinks in a file so I can cut and paste; when I get through being lazy I will write a script to do this, making it really easy.

I am getting ready to set up Civ4 in Wine; I know it works just fine in Wine. If I copy the /user/.wine folder and symlink it like the others, how well is this likely to work?

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