[Wine] Best Linux distro / version or Best Kernel for Wine ?

JuanPabloCuervo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 2 08:48:02 CDT 2011

for some strange reason some software works in some Linux, and does not in others...
and there is opposite software, that works in others but not in some.

for example:
winrar401.exe & Yamaha AN Expert Editor

Winrar 401
installs on Wine >1.3.15
KXStudio 10.04 with RT Kernels...
but does not... with Generic only Kernel.
have tested 2.26.32/33 &

Yamaha AN Expert Editor.
works on KXStudio Generic...
but does not on Ubuntu 11.x,

djDecks DX same as Winrar...

its the opposite....

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