[Wine] Self compiled wine does not find CD-Rom

Christoph Korn c_korn at gmx.de
Mon Oct 3 08:01:48 CDT 2011

Thanks for the answer.

Same games also need a link to the iso to work. This is the e:: link you see.
I removed drive E with winecfg in this prefix and also removed the e:: link.
However, recreating the drive with winecfg in this prefix did not change the 

Also a new prefix did not make a difference. I just copied the game directory 
to the new prefix and created the drive with winecfg (luckily the game does 
not seem to require registry entries or special dll overrides).
It still has the same behaviour there.

Also I still find it odd that this dialog about updating my prefix appears 
although my compiled version has the same version as the wine installed on my 

I do not know what it is doing there but I noticed that the content of the 
.update-timestamp changes from 1317590139 to 1317086773.

Am 03.10.2011 14:05, schrieb Bruno Jesus:
> There are 2 e:\ entries in your ls. Try opening winecfg, go to the
> drives tab, remove both drives and try adding the .iso file drive
> again.
> Also, try that in a clean prefix.

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