[Wine] Re: Troubleshooting 2D Graphics / Speed Issues

gbw788 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 3 11:00:42 CDT 2011

I suppose thats just as well; thats likely a path that would have driven me crazier at this point...  [Laughing] 

Insofar as the demos- I believe I've tried the C2 in a somewhat different form (had to compile it from scratch, so presumably its at least slightly different than Envitia's precompiled binaries) and I haven't touched the 3D, as 3D mapping and the fancy OpenGL/DirectX features aren't part of whats being used and thus irrelevant. For the C2, there isn't really any slowdown. I have an idea the core source of the issue is the very large amount of DBDBV data shown in its respective layer; its also far more than the C2 demo displays. If the map is kept zoomed fairly closely in things run fine, but as one zooms out and progressively more and more of the DBDBV is drawn onscreen, things slow down accordingly. I'm assuming this is because of all the lines being drawn- even if zoomed so far out that the finer details are pointless. 

This would all make sense to me if not for the Xorg oddity as well. Though it normally maintains an appreciable amount of CPU use, I notice if I zoom all the way out or in and try to go farther, CPU use takes off like a rocket; sometimes locking up Wine altogether.

As for v1.2.3- sadly, no dice. I'm beginning to wonder if I would have better luck under CentOS 6, since 5.6 has somewhat dated versions of GCC, kernel, and all the tertiary/optional packages for compilation (if it has them at all). As another thought- and I realize I may be really stretching here- are there any known issues with VMWare Workstation being installed and/or running on the same machine? I know it installs a bunch of kernel-related stuff and I'm wondering if there is something video related that could impact performance?

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