[Wine] Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed

Cloudef wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 5 00:34:59 CDT 2011

> Cloudef, are you able to Esc out of the character customization screen, re-enter and find that typing still works? Are you using any overrides? Anything else installed on the same prefix? Any registry tweaks? What distro are you using? Maybe there's something else in your environment that allows it to fail gracefully - we could at least list it as a workaround if we can identify what it is.

I'm using Arch Linux, I'll do some more throughout testing today.
I Indeed have some cluttered prefix, where I should test on clean prefix. I have some patches applied to wine, but no DLL overrides. 
I dint test with pressing ESC, I'll do that.

As for the functions, many of these have stubs meaning they are incomplete, and also the last function seems to increase a uninitialized integer, I don't know the meaning of it, to be honest  :?

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