[Wine] Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed

dk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 6 18:35:39 CDT 2011

Thanks for posting that log. I compared it to a log from my Schthack install and as far as the imm32 calls they're identical. That makes me think it might be environment related so my next step is to install Arch and see if I can replicate your success. I've got to clear some space so give me some time on this. I have a couple other quick questions if you could answer them. Were you running the game fullscreen or windowed? What graphics hardware were you using? I got the impression you might be using a gamepad.. can you still type if the gamepad is disconnected?

Regarding the Vista issue - this is from the Japanese website (Google translated):

> Update 2007/2/1 21:00..
> ..We will make sure that it is possible to have a certain behavior from the start, 
> Currently "Microsoft (R) Windows Vista (TM)" If the game play in 
> Please note that the operation is not guaranteed. 
> Incidentally, if you start in full screen mode, the bug has been confirmed not to enter chat. 
> "Microsoft (R) Windows Vista (TM)" when it is played in a game, we recommend that you play in windowed mode. 
> "Microsoft (R) Windows Vista (TM)" For games played in, please at your own discretion.

and here.. which I think they're saying it was fixed as of 1.25.7:

> Update 2008/4/7 16:50 
> "Microsoft (R) Windows Vista (TM)" regard, we have confirmed the basic operation. 
> For the most current operating environment here please check. 
> Update 2008/3/25 16:00 
> Currently, we have verified our clients work in the game. 
> March 25, 2008 (Tuesday) Regular maintenance than after, the game is updated Ver.1.25.7 client, "" Microsoft (R) Windows Vista (TM) "If you start at full-screen mode, enter chat such as bug fixes have been made can not be..

If the Wine environment is set to Windows XP should we even have to worry about this? In every XP install of the game I've seen it has always worked right out of the box.

Here's a couple more quotes:

> Cannot Type in Menus or in Game.
> Possible issue: Supplemental Language Support is Enabled
> Some users have reported that they are unable to type when playing PSO BB. This problem is related to Supplemental Language Support within the user's OS. Please go into the Windows control panel / regional and language options / languages tab / and uncheck all the boxes in the supplemental language support section. Then reboot and you'll be able to type.

> In the Regional and Language Options, goto the Languages tab, click Details under Text services and input languages. Add Japanese as an input language. You can also disable the language bar here if you don't want to see it. Start PSO in Windowed mode. Get to the username input box, and press the left Alt and shift keys at the same time. (You can change this keyboard shortcut, but you probably wont have done that) Some Japanese text will appear to the left of the input userID box, and you'll be able to type in your username and password. (Remember, this ONLY works in Windowed mode) If you have save username and password turned on in PSO's options, you'll never have to do this again, and you can then remove Japanese language input from the same place you added it. (Typing in game SHOULD work fine, so if you want to turn off window mode after saving your user/pass, you can) 

Does Wine even have Supplemental Language Support? We can type a UserId and Password so is this even the same issue? I'll see if Terry can shed some light on what he patched in his executables.

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