[Wine] Re: native dll and wineprefix

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 7 07:32:11 CDT 2011

LadGalen wrote:
> My problem is that the comment says to do not set the override globally. How can I do that ?
> .

What's recommended is to install Office to a separate wineprefix, in which case it's fine to set the override globally. "Globally" means you add the  override for everything in the wineprefix. A global override will apply to apps that don't need it, and in the case of Office's riched20, the other apps  won't be able to find it (and hence won't work), because Office installs its own riched20 to a private directory. 

If you install Office to a wineprefix in which you have other things installed, you have to add each and every exe Office installs on the Applications tab, and then add an override for riched20 for each one individually on the Libraries tab. The override should be set to native only. That's a lot of work, hence the recommendation to just install Office to a separate wineprefix.

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