[Wine] Re: OLE error 80004002

den123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 7 13:01:52 CDT 2011

I  modify programm and add key checks 

      if Reg.ValueExists('InstallDate') then
        sId := IntToStr(Reg.ReadInteger('InstallDate'));

It's help me and the program start working!!!

Now I try to work with my program and add new connection, and i get some bugs
1 Some littel bug with interface, with TListView
2 And bug with XML file, with settings of program, I debug Viewer and found, that settings id don't saving on disk in the file,
The root to the file "C:\users\Public\Application Data\connections_3.4.xml" - file is Ok, but i can't found it in system folders of Ubuntu, but program is work correctly.
I testing pogram and found  error
TXMLDocument.SaveToFile(AFile); // ERROR - Some time functions saved  a clear empty file without data
I dont know is it bug of Wine or my program, but on the windows i don't have this bug.
I change program to save XML as StringList 
TStringList.SaveToFile(AFile, TEncoding.Unicode);
It's working.

Now I try connect from Viewer (Wine Ubuntu) to my Server (Windows) and authorization process is failed, not errors and not bugs, i need debug program.... Tomorrow i will test the program

Fixed Viewer if you a intrested to testing

Thank you!

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