[Wine] Oneiric Ocelot Package missing from PPA

GlennLChugg wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 7 19:10:31 CDT 2011


I recently tried to install the Latest .29 WINE from the PPA and it ended up using the .15 version from the official Ubuntu 11.10 Repository instead.

Although it doesn't matter for .29 (as it has a bug that has since been fixed), I would like to know if we'll be expecting a package on the PPA for the next version, I have been content using git to install my own system, but would like to share with people the easiest way they can use WINE on Ubuntu 11.10 without having to refer to untrusted/unofficial PPA's

I am unsure when we are expecting the next Beta version of WINE (is there a way we can easily find out the progress?) but will there be oneiric packages when it does happen?

7 Days left until Ubuntu 11.10 goes gold, it would be great to have the WINE PPA ready for the demand of thousands of new installs getting their WINE working perfect ;)

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