[Wine] Re: ATI/AMD GPU + Ubuntu + Wine + EVE Online = I need help...

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 8 10:38:10 CDT 2011

wheunis wrote:
> wheunis wrote:
> > What the heck happened to my original author post?!
> I come to the sudden and definite realization of why exactly I stopped trying with Linux/Wine to get anything done all those years ago.
> Thank to whoever the admin was that deleted my original post.
> Goodbye.
> Hopefully I won't forget in 5 years+ time and actually waste more time by coming back here.

Your original post is still in the mailing list archives. Why it is no longer on the forum, or even when it disappeared, I can only speculate. The archives do show a spam post on Oct. 4 that was deleted from this thread on the forum, and my guess is that somehow your original post got deleted along with it. As to whether it was an admin error or a website glitch, I don't know, but I am certain it was not intentional. 

IMO, given the help you have already been provided in this thread, your hostility is inappropriate.

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